Process Description

Oil is expelled from seed through expeller and the residue oil cake is processed in the solvent extraction plant.  In solvent extraction plant, oil is extracted from rice bran and oil cakes and the by-product is Deoiled Rice Bran and different Deoiled Cakes.
Raw Oil is further processed to convert it into Refined Oil in the Refinery.


Product Portfolio

The following products are offered by the company under its portfolio according to the seasonal availability of raw material for oil products. Deoiled products are available throughout the year in new plastic bags packing of 50 – 55 kg non standard packing.



  • Rice Bran Oil
  • Mustard Oil
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Mahua Oil


  • Deoiled Rice Bran
  • Mustard Deoiled
  • Sunflower Deoiled
  • Mahua Deoiled

Deoiled Product Specifications

S. No. Product Oil & Albumin (Minimum%) Sand Silica (Maximum%) Crude Fiber (Maximum%) Moisture

Used In
1 Deoiled Rice Bran  (Special Quality) 16 3 10 12 Cattle Feed, Poultry Feed and Fisheries
2 Mustard Deoiled 37.50 2.5 11 10 Cattle Feed, Poultry Feed and Fish Feed
3 Sunflower Deoiled 29 2.5 28 10 Cattle feed and Poultry Feed
4 Mahua Deoiled 20 2.5 10 10 Fisheries

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